Everything on this page happened because others individuals, like yourself, made one simple decision.
They say "the proof is in the puddin'.  Welp, here's the puddin'.
DMP Stories.
DMP is a social experiment to see how big of an impact we can make together.  For every need we fulfill, we tell the story so you can witness the impact happen LIVE and in REAL Time.
"Doing My Part gave my family hope when we were going through really tough times.  DMP showed up at the right time to make sure our needs were met.  Thanks to everyone involved."
Jenna S. Charlotte, NC
DMP Started True Grassroots.
Doing My Part began as a grassroots movement among friends and family to help those that was 'slipping through the cracks'.
We did our part and provided resources for children, veterans and others with urgent needs.  We even build a couple classrooms in Africa.
Some needs are more sensitive and we cannot share, but we always do our best to tell the story.
DMP delivers shoes, socks and backpacks to 117 homeless children.
Meet Makayla, who loves poetry.  Her father was incarerated and DMP helped give her an opportunity for a scholarship, along with 4 others.
At the event a guest offered to pay for all of their college tuitions.
With Maria Lopez and Leann Rhymes help, DMP sponsors 14 Purple Heart Veterans with PTSD a skydiving experience
DMP Delivers Thanksgiving meals to 200.
Joe was bullied and had his glasses broken...
DMP delivers Joes new glasses.  Joe says "I'm seeing better than I have in my entire life."
DMP puts on an event for 80 special needs children - Wild Wild West Day.
Children in Uganda we're getting chiggers from the school house floors.  DMP Builds 2 new classrooms, chigger free.
James the Veteran - Part I spent his life saving lives, prying people in using the jaws of life.  
James the Veteran - Part II spent his life saving lives, prying people in using the jaws of life. 
James the Veteran - Part III spent his life saving lives, prying people in using the jaws of life.
DMP Narrows to Helping Children and Families with Urgent Needs.
We started receiving a lot of needs from schools, social workers and children's hospitals that had kids and families with urgent needs.  Smarter people than us said we should focus.  We listened.  It worked.  We switched our focus to children so we could face today's problems AND build a better future.
Maddyn has a stroke leaving her family of 5 in a rough spot.  DMP gets meals delivered to hospital for 5 weeks while Maddyn and her family recover from her stroke.
Baby Lillian, daughter of veteran recently returned, needed a new crib in their new home, DMP delivers.
Justin, father of 2, needed heart surgery, but first needed dental work.  DMP offers help.
DMP Helps Skylar walk normally for the first time with the help of a walk aid.
Maria was battling cancer and Juan, passed away suddenly, leaving the family in a tight spot.  
The Saldanas provide the essential needs and the DMP Street Team spend the day working at the house to support the family.
Anthony undergoing treatment while DMP provides essential needs to family.
Jorgy and his grandparents receive a new wheel chair ramp for their home.
Conner needed a new wheelchair.  DMP gets involved.
Tree falls on family's home and they need removal to continue living in a safe environment.
Hunter was a 2 year old boy paralyzed after catching a virus from a common cold.  DMP delivers his new stroller.
Young man receives basketball hoop for his home after being diagnosed.
DMP delivers shoes, socks and backpacks to 117 homeless children.
Stella was born at 1lb.  DMP helps the family with essential needs during the long process to a healthy baby.
Ka'lon receiving cancer treatment, DMP handles necessary expenses for family.
James' single mother Kim are battling chronic kidney disease.  DMP pays rent and power bill to keep electricity and a roof over their head.
Local school children walking to trailers in the rain, constantly getting sick.  DMP provided with necessary rain gear to protect them.
Family's home burns down, DMP steps in with the needed essentials to help them back on their feet.
DMP helps sends 7 year old Mia, cancer survivor, to Disney World.
DMP Supplies schools supplies and uniforms for title 1 school. 
Maryssa was diagnosed with T-Cell Leukemia and family needed to offset vehicle repairs to get her to/from treatment.  DMP covers it.
DMP delivers Christmas Gifts to family members battling cancer
Single mom of 3 runs face (private) challenges, DMP keeps family moving while she found work.
Doing My Part has provided presents to over 200 children and families for Christmas.
Family's home burns down and there is a loss in the family.  DMP Steps in to provide the needed resources to help the family back on their feet.
DMP Has Fed over 500 families for Thanksgiving over the past 4 years.
Cameron was diagnosed with cancer and had two back surgeries and 1 brain surgery.  DMP supported the family with rent and bills as their work was impacted.
...just because some people decided to do a little something. Sign up and join the movement Today!
DMP comes to aid to those in the community.  When someone falls, we don't look for a way..
We Make a Way
When DMP needed $3,000 to pay for Jorgy's ramp in a week, we had to do something quick.  So, we setup a 64-man tournament style bracket with a referee and a stage.  
...and we played Rock, Paper Scissors.

From the announcement, the funds were raised in 48 hours, we made our goal and a few weeks later, built the ramp for Jorgy.

See the video below...
Oh, did we mention we have a Volunteer Force too?  The DMP Street Team has 3,000 volunteers in Charlotte and surrounding areas.
The DMP Street Team has volunteered 18,000+ hours and helped thousands of local homeless, senior children and families in need since 2012!

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