Question 5:
If Any One of These Children Below Needed Less Than $10.00 Every Month to Live a 'Normal' Life...  Would Do Your Part?
***Real children DMP has helped because people like you saw this very page...
If you said 'YES!'... and You Are One of Us.  Join Doing My Part and Be the Solution.
DMP is happening in real-time.  Join as a member for as little as $9 per month, automatic. (0.30 cents per day).
Our members collective monthly micro-donations are creating a movement that is providing tangible resources directly for kids with urgent needs.  How cool is that?!  Click the button below to join us today.  
What is DMP?
DMP is a social experiment testing the limits of our impact.  By giving everyone a real, tangible opportunity to unite through a small collective decision, DMP can give and build for the next generation - by helping kids.   The more members that join, the more lives we change, indefinitely.  DMP is as powerful as it is simple because today, you finally have the power to be the difference.
To date DMP is
Members Strong
DMP Needs
To Impact
Kids with Needs by 2020
Made possible by the support of our partners and contributors.
How it works.
1.  We find kids and their families who have urgent needs.    
2.   You do your part   
3.  We provide the need, then tell the story, so you can see the lives we impact together... every single month.  
We Find Local Kids in Need.
Through our nonprofit partners we receive urgent needs for kids all over the US - then fully vet them all on your behalf.  Child homelessness, education, clothing, shelter, terminal illness etc... we don't discriminate, we find the kids with urgent needs... period.
Do Your Part
Your monthly micro-donation (less than $10 per month) provides LIVE aid and resources for a new child, with a real need, every month.  90% goes direct to the need, 10% helps us keep the lights on.
DMP Provides the Resources Needed.
Get real-time text updates so you know how you did your part...every month, from now on.  All without changing anything you're already doing!  How cool is that?!
What happens after I join?
Here's what to expect...

  •  You Will Help Kids Automatically:   Don't change anything.  Donations are monthly, automatic, and as small as a cup o' joe.  Change lives on the reg with DMP and get....
  •  You Will Get Real Time Results!:  Sign up for text updates and you'll get results right to your mobile device in Real-Time.  The best part of giving is now coming to you. 
  •  90% / 10% Breakdown:  90% of your monthly donation goes directly to children locally in need.  Donations are tax deductible per code 501(C)(3). ( .    
  •  You're not locked in: Cancel anytime for any reason. No contracts agreements, or any rif-raff.  Signup today and let us show you how DMP is different!
  •  No Depressing Images or Guilt Trips to Get Your Money - You are the solution now so we don't have to show you the depressing images.  Just the result and how you made a difference.
  • You Will Be a part of something bigger:  Because you are a part of DMP your action is magnified. Let your ripple effect help thousands of children into the future..  
Get Started:  A Simple Donation Plan That You Can Get Behind.
Start helping kids today with other movers and shakers making a difference.  Get started for less than 10 bucks a month, 90% goes direct to needs.
501c3 Tax Deductible
Cancel Anytime
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  • Private Community Access
  • Exclusive Volunteer Opportunities
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World Changer
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" A simple way to immediately become the change the world needs today. A movement that we will witness from now on."
The Stories.
This simple concept is responsible for impacting thousands children and families.  Here are just a few.  Members get real-time updates directly to your phone.  
Skylar had never walked normally in his entire life.  DMP changes that.
DMP delivers meals to hospital for nearly a month while young Maddyn recovers from Stroke.
Baby Lillian needed a new crib in their new home, DMP delivers.
DMP Helps Skylar walk normally for the first time with the help of a walk aid.
Jorgy and his grandparents receive a new wheel chair ramp for their home.
DMP gives these special education students a new experience for Wild Wild West Day
DMP delivers Hunter, a 2 year old paralyzed, a new stroller
DMP Delivers Thanksgiving meals to 200.
Joe was bullied and had his glasses broken...
DMP delivers Joes glasses and here's  what Joe says...
We threw a Rock Paper Scissors Tournament for Charity with a real 64-man bracket and referee.
This was DMP's first project accouncement...
Justin needed heart surgery, but first needed dental work.  Here's Justin's story.
We built a pool for a veteran and his family... This is Part 1
This is Part II
This is Part III
Maddyn's family was in the hospital 
Conner needed a new wheelchair.  DMP gets involved.
DMP gives Purple Heart Veterans skydiving experience.
The Saldanas Part 1
The Saldanas Part II
Children in Kayenge we're getting chiggers from the floors.  DMP Builds 2 classrooms.
We went to prison to rekindle the relationships with incarcerated fathers and their children.
Meet Makayla!
DMP delivers shoes, socks and backpacks to 117 homeless children.
...just because some people decided to do a little something.  Sign up and join the movement Today!
Here's the Thing...
If you like words... here's what DMP is and why we're doing it.
We’re tomorrow's leaders.

Food, shelter, clean drinking water, education from the previous generation, the inheritance of Mother Nature; these rights are graced fundamentally - but cultivation is Our Part. 

Our resources are derived from the concept of you, a leader. Acting to create future leaders is not charity, it’s a life worth living.

Micro-giving is a raindrop into a forest. It’s not for you. It’s not for the underserved. It’s for us, as endowed by our Creator, the roots of the forest.

While connected at our digital fingertips, we’re further away from one another than ever. Empathy and charity whimper in the winds of normalized destitution. 

Conceptually, this tests our world, and our humanity, more than ever before. 

Leaders take tests.

We must understand that the old way of doing things is...well, old. Our fingertips are resources. The knowledge of these facts, partnered with our ease of giving and awareness that forests need raindrops, abide our organization to do exactly what we do as the leaders of today.

Doing My Part.

All of us feel passionate about a cause, or probably many. From cancer and terminal illness support, to bullying, to homelessness and poverty, childhood behavioral challenges - we all have personalized causes.

As an organization, we understand intuitively that we are doing our Part for your cause and maybe something out of your preview. Raindrops for our forest.

That's why Doing My Part exists.
As an organization, DMP values your participation, and we strive every day for discernment and guidance to funnel your Part into the most necessary or time-sensitive needs for children at any given time. If we see a problem, big or small, we move boldly.

If a child's family needs gas money to get to chemo treatment, we’ll do it. 

If a child loses a parent tragically, we're there to ensure all is well, 

if a disabled child needs a new chair, we'll make it happen.  

If we know a family who's home has burnt down, we’ll determine what's needed, and fill the need. 

If we believe putting our efforts to serving 10,000 meals to hungry children is worthwhile, our time goes there. 

That’s our Part. Some projects are big and audacious, some are localized to just a family. 


In other words, we’ll give with the absolution of integrity in solidarity with your faith in giving. Doing My Part is a community of individuals banding together to create wins, big and small, with small actions.

Through our small actions, we create an atmosphere. Raindrops are rain when together. Roots, sun, xylem and phloem, we’ll all breathe easier.

Cool, but Doing My Part, aren't you just asking for a monthly donation?

Of course. But it's more than that.  Because we're so connected, and we make it easy, now anyone can be a part of a real solution that changes lives tomorrow and into the future - but when we come together and align our efforts, the impact we're creating is limitless.
Join DMP Today, Claim Your FREE Swag From Our Store!
When you join today, you'll be a part of helping 10,000 kids this year.  As a gift to all new members, you can pick out your favorite swag or Tee, FREE!
$25 - $35, FREE for New Members at $9 (Gametime) Level. 
  •  Bella Canvas (soft): This is a T you will love to wear and show your support.
  •  100% FREE Shipping: Delivered in 2 weeks or less, just pay sales tax ($4)
  •  HELP 10,000 Hungry Children in the US:  Your membership will immediately provide resources needed to kids.
  •  Choose your swag or T color  - Long sleeve, short sleeves, hats, bags.  Anything for our new members.  (except the heavier jackets)
Doing My Part is 501(c)(3) recognized and a Great Nonprofits TOP RATED Organizations.
What are DMP members saying?
"I'm just glad I found a way to give back and know how I'm making a difference, without feeling the sadness with all the problems kids face today.  The best part of giving is changing the lives of those we help - and that's exactly what DMP focuses on."
Mike Spann, Charlotte NC
“DMP gives everyone a chance to be a part of something bigger than what any of us could do by ourselves.  It's fantastic.”
Sandra R.
Charlotte NC
“This is just wonderful!!! ”
Maria G.
Charlotte NC
“Normally I have to think of new ways to give back.  With DMP I just signed up and I know it's doing something good.”
Kevin G.
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.
"Together we can do so much more... We all know it.  DMP is proving it. It's very exciting to watch."
Ashley P.
Macon, GA
“Since I have become a member I have been directly a part of helping so many kids, I'll always do my part.”
Susan F.
Holly Springs NC
“I love getting the updates while I'm going about my day. It happens all the time.”
John S. 
Indian Land, SC
“Doing My Part is forward thinking and efficient in ensuring kids get the help they need, and donors know exactly where the money goes.”

Candace C.
Charlotte NC
"It's simple and it works... it's really a no-brainer.  I can't wait to see how far we go in our impact together with DMP."
Ashley P.
Macon, GA
“ Wonderful dedicated and caring group of people who love to give and have fun doing it. ”
“ This group is great! ”
“Seems like a great crew who will do a great job. ”
Peter Q.
“ I love this group. Meeting new people with a passion to help others. Nothing better. ”
Made possible by the support of our partners and contributors.
How much goes to the cause?
90% of your monthly donation goes to direct to the need, 10% goes to keeping DMP healthy and growing so we can serve for as long as possible.  Continued support from our corporate partners, private donors and foundations allows us to maintain this awesome ratio so we can maximize our members impact.
How do you choose the causes you fund?
We receive needs mostly from our nonprofit partners and sometimes the general public.  From these, we determine the needs with what we believe to be the highest urgency and that create the highest impact on children and their families.  Each need goes through a strenuous vetting process before it is chosen to be funded.  Once it's approved, we fund it and show you the results - With DMP you get the best part of giving rather than sad stories that make you feel sad and guilty!  

We do not help one specific children's cause ONLY.  

DMP is the safety net for the children and families falling through the cracks.

Our sole purpose is to come to the aid of the children and families in circumstances they cannot deal with on their own.   This can range from a wheelchair for a disabled child, to an emergency fund because a family's home burned down, to providing a school with raincoats or new uniforms, rent to keep a roof over a family's head, new socks for a child who only has 2 pairs or providing meals for a impoverished school, and more - we have done them all.  We look for those who cannot help themselves, and have exhausted all options - then we step in.

Do you know someone in need?  Would you like to help them apply for funding?  Click here.
Are you a nonprofit organization?
Yes, Doing My Part, Inc. and is a 501c3 recognized nonprofit based in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Do you take one-time donations?  
Sure, and we certainly appreciate them.

However, we encourage, and highly recommend activating your membership to get the full benefits of DMP.  If you don't want to signup for the monthly membership, here are a few things to keep in mind...

- You can cancel anytime, for any reason, in your private members area or by emailing
- You will be able to help children every 30 days rather than just one time
- The donations are automatic, so you don't have to think about it.
- You'll get updates for every child we help, direct to your mobile, email or social.
- If you don't like your membership experience with DMP we'll donate $100 to your favorite children's charity!

If you'd like to make a one time donation, please click here. If you'd like to donate via check, please email
Can I volunteer?
Sure, please visit

In Charlotte NC, we have nearly 3,000 volunteers doing multiple events per week in the community.  We are working on a plan to allow for this in other communities as well.  We will keep you informed.
I Know a Family in Need, Can DMP Help?
That is why DMP exists.  To help local children and their families that have real needs that are slipping through the cracks.  If you know a child and family that has a real, legitimate need that is urgent, we can help.  Click below to go to the application and submit the need to DMP.  We'll review and get back to you quickly.
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