We Are DMP.

Doing My Part, Inc. (www.doingmypart.com) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Charlotte NC.  Our team is built on a belief that we can do more, be more and create more when we work together.  We are a group of people that come together with our own skills and talents to do our part to make our world a better place.  We are the believers. We are the doers. The organizers and the action takers of DoingMyPart.com.  When we come together, our potential is limitless.  Here is our awesome team.
The DoingMyPart.com Team
Mike Spencer
Chairman and Co-Founder
Sandra Carr
Executive Director
Maria Gonsalves
Programs Coordinator
Kevin Geissler
Board of Directors | Treasurer
Mike Spann
Street Team Volunteer Leader
Candace Cline
Board of Directors | Secretary
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