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Jorgy's Ramp

Jorgy is a sweet, young boy who was born with Cerebral Palsy and has difficulty walking.

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    Lillian's Crib

    Dean, an army Veteran, and his wife, Jenny, can't afford to ship their household items, including a crib for their daughter, from their old home.

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    Skylar Walks

    Skylar has a left side Hemiparesis, which means he is completely paralyzed on the left side of his body and has difficulty walking. We did our part.

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    Maddyn's Heart

    Maddyn's Heart was suddenly attacked by a virus and she suffered a stroke.

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    Conner Gets a New Chair

    Doing My Part helped donate $1000 to Conner for a custom wheelchair!

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    50 Families Were Fed on Thanksgiving

    DMP helped feed 50 families for Thanksgiving!

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    Justin's Heart

    DMP helped Justin with paying his medical bills for his 4th heart surgery!

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    Veterans Go Skydiving

    DMP helped 13 disabled Purple Heart Veterans to go skydiving!

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    Joe Gets New Glasses

    DMP Helped Joe get a new pair of glasses after his were damaged.

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    The Saldana's Home

    DMP helped with a family's home after they were struck by tragedy.

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    80 Special Needs Children

    DMP gave 80+ Special Needs children a Wild West day to remember.

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    Helping a Veteran's Dream

    Doing My Part was able to give an injured Army Rescue Veteran a pool for his family.

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    Marcus and 117 Children

    Marcus and his brother Carlos were just happy, everyday kids, but they are homeless.

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