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Housing for Family of Four

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Funding Amount: $615

Jazmin and her family needed help paying the deposit of their new home


Due to an increase in rent and lost of job at the same time, Jazmin and family needed our help to pay the security deposit for a new home.


A family with 4 children has finally found a stable home that they have been able to move into using a section 8 voucher after months of living doubled up and moving place to place. However, due to an accident at the job and recent circumstances outside of the family's control, they were not able to pay the deposit. If they are unable to pay, they would be evicted and loose their housing and their voucher. By Doing Your Part this month of January 2018, we were able to provide stability to this family, keep a roof over their heads during these very cold days of winter and smiles on their faces!


Project Status: Active

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