Doing My Part

Christmas gifts for kids with family members with cancer

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About This Project

Funding Amount: $1000

Lets help ten kids during this Christmas Season with essentials and special gifts



Doing My Part is partnering with Hope Cancer Ministries to help 10 Kids have a special Christmas. Hope Cancer Ministries is a local non profit that provides outreach and support for their clients diagnosed with cancer. When a family member is diagnosed with cancer, lives are changed forever. There is missed work, ongoing treatments, and a growing pile of medical bills. Not only do the cancer patients endure a drastic change in health, but they also carry the hardship of being able to provide for their children. We want to do our part by helping these families during this Christmas season. The kids have made their wishlist, it includes necessities such as clothing, but also a few extra things that would be special to them. Do your part by making this Christmas special for the kids!


Project Status: Funded

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