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Ka'lon's Battle with Leukemia

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Funding Amount: $750

Ka'lon is battling leukemia and needs our help to keep a roof over his head.


This past January, Ka'lon was diagnosed with T-Cell Leukemia and has been in and out of hospitals since. By doing your part, we will be able to give Ka'lon and his family $750 towards bills during these difficult times!!


Ka'lon was born at 26 weeks and spent three months in the NICU. He overcame many obstacles for being so premature. This past November his family noticed lumps on his neck and took him to the pediatrician who prescribed antibiotics and steroids and referred him to an ENT. Within a month the ENT ordered a CT scan and blood work. In January the ENT called and said they needed to take him to the children's hospital immediately because his white blood cell count was over 600,000.
Ka'lon was officially diagnosed with Leukemia at age six. This began an eight night stay in the hospital where they placed a port in his chest and performed six more procedures. He began chemo inpatient. Once he was discharged he was not allowed to be around anyone, which included school.
Ka'lon continues to go to chemo weekly and have weekly blood work done. He has required numerous lumbar punctures, spinal taps, and blood and platelets transfusions. Ka'lon has to take 10 medications daily. He requires oral chemo and intramuscular chemo which are administered at home.
His family has been completely changed since one of his parents has had to stop working and needs to be home with him at all times. They have to be very careful to who they bring him around. They are having difficulties meeting monthly bills and all medical expenses now under one income. Will YOU do your part and help out Ka'lon's family with bills?


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