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Funding Amount: $1232

Elizabeth and her family of six need accommodations during hospital visits.


Elizabeth Brooks is battling Ewing Sarcoma and traveling to the hospital for treatments with a family of six. By doing your part, and partnering with a St. Jude's Hospital foundation, Elizabeth and her family were able to receive $1232.00 in accommodations!


Elizabeth is fourteen and she was diagnosed with a rare pediatric cancer in 2015, which affects legs, bones, and arms. She has been cancer "clear" for six months but now it has returned in her lungs. She is a St. Jude patient and although they provide accommodations (for up to four family members), their family of six has decided to stick together this time and will therefore required assistance with accommodations and other expenses associated with their hospital visits not covered by St. Jude.
Since you did your part, we partnered with St.Jude and a nearby hotel to house Elizabeth and her family at a special, discounted rate!


Project Status: Funded

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