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Mia The Magnificent at Disney

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Funding Amount: $400

Mia had Stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma and has been cancer free for just a few months.


Mia is headed to Disney courtesy of Make-A-Wish Foundation, but needs help with meals as well as medical bills associated with her follow-up appointments. By doing your part, we will be able to supply meals for Mia and pay some follow-up medical bills for a total of $400!


Mia has gone through a lot at such a young age, which is why they call her Mia the Magnificent. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma, but has been cancer free for just a few months. To celebrate her amazing feats, Make-A-Wish Foundation is bringing her to Disney World. They will provide her and her family with gas, transportation, and some lunches. But they still need help with other meals for Mia. Although Mia is cancer free, there are also many follow-ups, and bills associated with it. Do your part and help celebrate Mia!


Project Status: Funded

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