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Hunter's Chair

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About This Project

Funding Amount: $800

Hunter needs a new chair!


Hunter is paralyzed in four limbs because of a disease called Acute Flacid Myelitis and he needs a new chair to get around in. By doing your part, we were able to get Hunter a chair for $2,800!


Due to Hunter's diagnosis, he has paralysis in both arms, his trunk, and both legs, with improving movement in his right arm. He is the perfect candidate for a power wheelchair. The power wheelchair will give Hunter some form of mobility, however with that type of device comes increased cost (transportation of the device, home set-up, ramp completion, etc).
Doing My Part helped drastically by allowing this family to have an adaptive stroller for positioning during play/feeding, transportation to medical appointments, and ventilator management. Since you did your part, we were able to get Hunter a chair for him to move around in!


Project Status: Funded

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