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About This Project

Funding Amount: $2375

Jorgy is a sweet, young boy who was born with Cerebral Palsy and has difficulty walking.


Jorgy suffered a stroke at only two weeks old, due to lack of oxygen during prenatal care. Since you did your part, we are built Jorgy's a ramp for $2,375.00!


Jorgy is growing bigger and stronger everyday. Without the ramp, Jorgy's family was carrying him into the house. It was becoming harder and harder. With the ramp that Doing My Part supplied, Jorgy will walk into his home with more ease.

Despite all of these hardships, Jorgy has grown up to be a determined, loving, 6 year old. He is motivated to one day walk with crutches, until he can walk solely by himself.

When Jorgy's story originally reached 100 votes, DMP went to his house with architects to map out his ramp. Due to a large hill in front of his house, the ramp was going to take a lot more than was originally intended.

So, we decided to create SHOOT! a Rock Paper Scissors tournament to raise money for Jorgy's ramp. And it was a huge success!
Check out the details here:

Since you did your part, we helped Jorgy be that much closer to walking independently!


Project Status: Funded

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