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Funding Amount: $400

Baby Stella was born at 1 pound and 1 ounce as a "micro preemie."


Premature baby Stella has been living in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Children's Levine hospital in Charlotte. Parents Shane and Blair need help getting back on their feet since they are both unable to work while caring for their child. Help do your part for $400!


Blair and Shane were ecstatic after finding out they were expecting; however, the next 6 months proved to be difficult and nothing at all what these first time parents were expecting. Shane bled on and off early on in the pregnancy. She had suffered a miscarriage 6 months prior, so the anticipation was heightened. This rough start led to many doctors visits, calls to the triage nurses late at night, on and off bed rest, visits to the High Risk Women's Clinic, 11+ ultrasounds and eventually a few overnights in the hospital. After very close watch, Stella was considered a high risk baby and a few weeks behind in growth. The doctors were concerned that she was not able to get the nutrients she needed in the womb. As a result of this, they didn't believe that Stella would be able to be carried to full term.

Five months into the pregnancy, Mom ended up in an overnight stay in the hospital for another bout of bleeding and was watched closely. Before release she was given two steroid shots to help with Stella's premature lungs. This proved to be a life saving moment. Days later, another scary bleeding episode occurred where mom and dad thought they lost their precious baby, Shane was admitted into Labor and Delivery and put on bed rest and monitored closely again. After two days in the hospital, Stella's heart rate began to drop and Shane was rushed in for an emergency C-section. Stella arrived to greet an anxious and proud parents. Stella was born at 25 weeks gestational age, weighing 1 pound and 1, considered to be a micro preemie.

So far, Stella she has overcome some big hurdles: breathing on her own for the first 18 days, being put on a ventilator, being given Neoprofen to help close a PDA in her heart, having a cranial ultrasound to check for bleeding, 2 blood transfusions so far, on and off feedings due to her stomach not being developed enough to handle moms breast milk, and steroids to help with her lung development. Through all of this, Stella remains strong and feisty with a spunky little attitude.

After 28 days, she has gained 6 ounces and will hopefully continue to thrive. She is currently on a Nova, which helps Stella remember to breathe when she forgets. She is too young to wear clothes as her skin is still developing and her tiny preemie diapers are folded in half to somewhat fit her little body. She is being fed through a tube until she grows big enough to be able to eat on her own. Her eyes occasionally open but are still being formed so stay shut most of the time. The hope is that by October, Stella will finally be well enough to be home with her family.

With each passing day, Blair and Shane are learning that the adventure doesn't end when Stella is safe and sound at home. Her first year will be an important one and will most likely be spent away from friends and family at home where they can monitor germs. A common cold for a preemie could be a life or death situation as her lungs are still developing and her immune system will be weak. There is also the possibility of few years of developmental and physical therapy being needed. But regardless of what the future holds, Blair and Shane couldn't be more in love with baby Stella and are so excited for the road ahead!

By doing your part, you will help out this sweet family with the expenses that come along with a newborn (diapers, clothes, food, etc.) for $400!


Project Status: Funded

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