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Funding Amount: $400

Skylar has a left side Hemiparesis, which means he is completely paralyzed on the left side of his body and has difficulty walking. We did our part.


Skylar is no stranger to struggle. He was born six weeks early. Seizures began five days after he was born and he was not able to walk untill he was two. By doing your part, Skylar received the aid that he needs to help him walk normally for the first time!


When Skylar was 5, an MRI scan showed his brain had three spots of thinness found in his grey matter. Although he has lived through many milestones, he never loses the willingness to learn and grow.

It was a 50/50 chance the walk aid would work. When they tried it on him, it allowed him to walk normally for the first time in his life, he was overjoyed. With the Walk Aid, Skylar can finally be "like the other kids at school." He can rewire his brain to do what it normally should through this device.

Currently, they have Skylar under physical therapy and botox injections into his hamstring as treatment. Through extensive treatment and the help of the new technology of the Walk Aid Unit, doctors say in three years people will not be able to tell Skylar ever had a walking problem.

Skylar has had some learning difficulties as well, but with tutoring, lots of homework and a great teacher, he is excelling in the second grade. Skylar has continued on his path towards healing since you did your part!


Project Status: Funded

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