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Lillian's Crib

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Funding Amount: $332

Dean, an army Veteran, and his wife, Jenny, can't afford to ship their household items, including a crib for their daughter, from their old home.


This Veteran's family has an empty home, with a baby and no crib to sleep in. Since you did your part, we were be able to ship Dean and his family their household items and return to a normal life for $332!


Dean is a army veteran who fought for our freedom. He was out of a job and it is too costly to ship important household items to their new home from New Bern. This includes a crib for their child. Lilian, their daughter, has been sleeping either on the floor or in her Pack and Play, because they have virtually nothing in their house.

You did your part for $332 and it helped this veteran's family move onto a normal civilian life!


Project Status: Funded

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