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How the sum is greater than the parts.

When it came to giving back we were constantly bombarded with depressing images, shocking statistics, and an overall feeling of dread. We wanted to help, but didn’t know where to start. Every week there seemed to be a new crowd-funding project for someone in need. It became easier to just scroll past the dozens of social media posts asking for help every day. And even if you wanted to help all of them, could you afford to? There was no clear path for individuals to help more than one person at a time. There had to be a better way.

We created Doing My Part to give each of us the power to give back in a small way but have a BIG impact. We don’t want to just help one person; we want to help as many as we can with a new, and easier way to help those in need, right here, right now.

We also want to help YOU. We hope that DMP helps you find happiness in helping others, and a way to experience a new way giving back like it does for us. By giving back together with a movement of people, we hope to open new doors and help communities rise to new heights, by working together. As more of us do our part, we empower communities and build a better foundation for the future. Crazy enough to believe you can change the world? We are too. Welcome to DMP.

Our Mission

Doing My Part exists to give everyone the power to help change other’s lives through a unique experience that makes giving back easy and fun.

Corporate Contributors
  • Knights Foundation
  • CCLOGO-Reemprise
  • CCLOGO-wastequip
  • CCLOGO-Blumenthal_Foundation

Meet Our Team

We Do Our Part, So You Can Do Yours

  • Mike Spencer

    Mike Spencer


  • Sandra Rivera

    Sandra Rivera

    Executive Director

  • Candace Cline

    Candace Cline

    Board Member

  • Kevin Geissler

    Kevin Geissler

    Board Treasurer

  • John Brandt

    John Brandt

    Advisor | Business Development

  • Henry Norman

    Henry Norman

    Advisor | NGO Operations

  • Dave Drever

    Dave Drever

    Advisor | Media Relations

  • Brady Mazzola

    Brady Mazzola


  • Susan Spencer

    Susan Spencer

    1st Ever Official DMP Member

  • Melissa Spencer

    Melissa Spencer

    Creative Director

  • Mike Spann

    Mike Spann

    Street Team Director

  • Maria Gonsalves

    Maria Gonsalves

    Program Coordinator

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Our community is dedicated to helping underprivileged youth, veterans and people in crisis in the United States.  Are you in need?  Do you know someone who is?  Tell us the story and get the DMP community involved.  Submit a project, get approved, get funded.