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Want to help someone? You're in the wrong place. There are way too many problems in the world to deal with just one issue. So we help everyone - and we work together to do it. With one, ridiculousy small action you can join us by 'doing your part' with others who want to make a difference just like you. We locate and meet the urgent needs for real people, in real time. When you join, 90% of your donation goes directly into a fund that meets the needs of everyone you see here. Together we will help them all. Do your part today do something that changes everything.

Do Your Part in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 01


What makes us different from other crowdfunding sites are our members. Our members are the movers and shakers making big things happen! Members give recurring monthly donations (as little as $3!) - 90% goes directly to all Projects on the site. Our strength is in numbers and the more of us doing our part, the faster we help everyone you see on the site.

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  • John Gorman Charlotte, NC
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  • Juile Flores Charlotte, Choose State
Members Give
as little as
$ 3 / month
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Step 02


Members cast their votes on the Projects. As each Project need reaches 10 member votes it is immediately and fully funded. Just choose the Projects you vote for...and we fund it. Every month you will get updates on the many lives you helped change. Just get the good part of giving back!

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Rain coats for the kids of Hornets Nest Elementary, a Title 1 school

Step 03


The more members in the Doing My Part community, the more people we help, and the faster we help them. It’s really that simple. Now, Just by letting your friends and family know you are doing your part, you can multiply your overall impact, in just one click. Share DMP with your peeps, encourage them to join and we’ll take it from there.

Giving Back Just Got More Transparent.

It’s as simple as it is powerful. The more members we have, the more lives we can impact.90% to projects 10% to expenses

90% to projects
10% to expenses

The Breakdown

We thought long and hard about this…and then we got a headache. So we made it simple. As a DMP member, 90% of your monthly donation goes directly to the needs on our site posted as Projects. The other 10% helps keep the lights on and the website up and running. With this simple breakdown, DMP can continue to thrive.

Recently Funded Stories

Helping kids and people in crisis in the US is what we do.  Here are their stories.

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Housing for Family of Four

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Christmas gifts for kids with family members with cancer

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Lets help Charlotte kids in a BIG way this holiday season!

Creating Sustainable Impact

Doing My Part’s model is built on simplicity and making a lasting, sustainable impact. It’s much easier now. Click around the wheel to see how it works.

The DMP Community

We Find Projects

Project Submission


As charitable needs are submitted, the DMP Team fully vets those that follow the Project Guidelines. We focus on helping kids and families in the US, who may otherwise not get the help they need. Each approved cause has a specific monetary goal & when approved, enters the Waiting Room as a “Project”.

You Do Your Part



Members give as little as $3/month. Yup, you read that right. That’s less than a cuppa joe at your local cafe, and it can really make a difference. Monthly donations go directly into a Project’s community collection fund. The more people that do their part, the faster we can complete Projects.

We Help Them All

Project Funded

Street Team

Once a Project reaches 10 votes in the “Voting Queue,” it is funded via the DMP community fund. Our Local ‘Street Teams’ physically carry out the Projects and create updates to the stories, so you see how your donation has impacted your community. It’s okay if you feel warm and fuzzy right now---we do too.

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Submit A Project

Our community is dedicated to helping children in urgent need right here in the United States.  Are you in need?  Do you know someone who is?  Tell us the story and get the DMP community involved.  Submit a project, get approved, get funded.